Get Down On I.T. Limited
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Sage Accounts Training - Group or One to One (Onsite)

Sage Payroll Training - Group or One to One (Onsite)

Micorsoft Word Training - Beginners to Advanced

Microsoft Excel Training - Beginners to Intermediate

Microsoft Powerpoint Training - Beginners to Advanced

Microsoft Access Training - Beginners

Microsoft Outlook Training - Beginners to Intermediate

Internet and Email Training - Beginners to Advanced

Macromedia Dreamweaver - Beginners

Macromedia Fireworks - Beginners

Links to Good Sites -
- Sage - Macromedia

Costs: £45 per hour (minimum 2 hours)
(Reduced rates for bulk training bookings)

Progressive drip feeding training processses adopted. What does this mean you ask?

Well - a person's learning curve is between 20 minutes to an hour at most. Information needs to be absorbed and practiced. My theory is that you will learn more by being taught slowly and left to practice than to be expected to automatically take on board everything that is taught. I am not the one sitting at the computer during training - YOU are! My training methods give you the practice while I teach you. Jargon Free tuition. If you do not understand I will explain it in a different way. I have the PATIENCE, do you have the confidence to trust me?