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There are over a million Search Engines, Directories and FFAs (Free for Alls - i.e. if an FFA site holds 1000 submissions, you could be there one day and gone the next - short term) worldwide.

How do you we get you on them you may ask?
Quite simply an automated system that looks at your website, identifies your keywords and submits your website to the world. Unfortunately, it is NOT that simple. It depends on the design of your site that matters and whether or not the search engine etc wants you. That's where we come in, we audit your site, make amendments and submit. We know which search engines you fail in, which ones you have skipped and which ones you have been successfully submitted to. The ones you skipped and failed in we do a manual submission to ensure SUCCESS. Upon your request we will identify where you are ranked i.e. Page and poistion of particular search engines etc. There is still no guarantee you will be in the top 10 but we have not done too badly so far. Without some form of marketing you may as well forget it!!

The Cost:

12 Months Search Engine Submission £150
(6 Submissions per year with submission report)
To Include: Twice Yearly Ranking Reports

One off Website Submission £50

Keyword Alteration and Assessment £45 per change

Changes to site £45 per hour

Website Audit £50

Discounts and Compromises available
for more than one service